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Crescent Moon – The Red Thin Line is Radio501 Plaat voor je Hoofd!

22 april 2018 Plaat Voor Je Hoofd PlaatVoorJeHoofd

De Radio501 Plaat voor je Hoofd (PVJH) hoor je in de Non-Stop programmering ieder uur

Crescent MoonCrescent Moon – The Red Thin Line

In 2016 hadden de mannen van de band Cresent moon met Black Vinyl Dreams al een keer eerder de PlaatVoorJeHoofd notering binnengehaald. (https://radio501.nl/2016/05/23/4846/)
Nu in 2018 lukt hen dat weer. Van hun nieuwe album Dissonance is The Red Thin Line afkomstig en nu dus de hele week PlaatVoorJeHoofd.

De Nederlandse band Crescent Moon (woonplaats Babberich) wordt gevormd door familieleden, namelijk de broers Eric en Frank Peters, en Bas en Tim, de zonen van Frank.
Op 14 april 2018 zag hun tweede album ‘Dissonance’ het levenslicht.

Taken from Crescent Moon’s album ”Dissonance” released on April 14th 2018.
Buy the album at Bandcamp:

Deluxe edition with 28 page full color booklet
Album can also be ordered via:

The band:
Tim Peters – Piano, keyboards, flugelhorn
Bas Peters – trumpet, keyboards and composing
Frank Peters – Vocals, guitars, percussion
Eric Peters – Bass

Chico Dommeck – Solo guitars

Official Website: www.crescentmoononline.com

Progressive rock, Symphonic rock, Filmscores

For our English listeners:

The Band

Crescent Moon is a band from the Dutch village Babberich and  was formed in 2014 by brothers Eric and Frank Peters.
In 2015 joined by Bas and Tim Peters, both sons of Frank Peters. The band creates independent, self-produced music that can best be described as gloomy atmosphere rock. Crescent Moon is a studio band and chooses not to perform live. Everything (music, recording, engineering, mastering, distribution, marketing, albumdesign, webdesign and music/video promotion) is done as far as possible by the band. In this sense, the band is truly Independent, “Indie”.
Songs are usually formed around the lyrics and outlined by a melancholic atmosphere. There is much room for acoustic guitars and piano. For the guitar solos and backing vocals guest musicians are hired. All other music is produced by the band itself.

The band is mainly influenced by the sensitive songs of Pink Floyd/Roger Waters, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Faith No More and Marilyn Manson But also by other styles of music like  Soundtracks, Classical music and Brassband.

Crescent MoonCrescent Moon

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