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PVJH: David Corley – Pullin’ Off The Wool

19 maart 2016 PlaatVoorJeHoofd PVJH

De PlaatVoorJeHoofd (PVJH) hoor je in de Non-Stop programmering ieder uur en in de gepresenteerde uren 1x per programma.
COrley EP Lights Out-500px

New EP by David Corley

March 2015: CRS releases the debut album “Available Light” by David Corley at the tender age of 54. Then things go very fast, no need to call agents: they call us. And within a few months after release David tours Italy, Ireland, UK and the Netherlands with BJ Baartmans and his band Wild Connection. The collaberation works so well that promoters, punters and press alike all rave about the energetic and powerful performances. And also David, producer Hugh Christopher Brown, and the band record new tracks on off days.

But then, after an impressive set at the Take Root Festival in Groningen, David announces the encore and hits the stage floor struck by a massive heart attack. After intensive treatment at the University Medical Center, Groningen and a long and restful recuperation at home.
David is now “in better shape than ever before” and together with Cristopher Brown he finished the tracks he recorded in Studio ‘Wild Verband’ alongside a bunch of new songs.

A 7 song EP (Lights Out) will be released Mid-April top coincide with with a new tour that will take him again to Holland, Ireland and the UK.
Now (March 2016) There is a digital mail out of the first two tracks: “Pullin’ Off The Wool” and “Blind Man”

Een song van deze EP is deze week de nieuwe PlaatVoorJeHoofd (PVJH): Pullin’ Off The Wool

  1. david-corleyWatchin’ The Sun Go

  2. Under A Midwestern Sky

  3. Pullin’ Off The Wool

  4. Dividing Line

  5. Blind Man

  6. Lighting Downtown

  7. Down With The Universe